Encrypted Backup

Option for

  • encrypted backup
  • and to keep it in a public folder (say example.com/mybackXY67)
    the dir may be user configurable (and may also be pwd protected) so that others can’t guess the dir name to download the backup file

If implemented, the siteworx user can download the backups (even though the host does it at server end) and have them locally on his/her system. So, it becomes a remote backup and more importantly the user knows that the backup is available.

This will help the webmaster from disasters like the host closing down without any advance notice (this has happened to me)

The encryption logic may be a faster one (to avoid more time taken). After the backup is compressed, XORing each data byte with bytes obtained from PRNG is just fine I think (e.g., ISAAC: a fast cryptographically secure PRNG http://burtleburtle.net/bob/rand/isaacafa.html )

Hi Tiger,

I have logged your feature request and notified the developers.

Oh!! “REPLY?”

Even though it’s been almost 8 months since I posted the request, it’s nice to see the reply. :slight_smile:

PS: for compression LZO (or QuickLZ) might be used for faster backups (of course the size of a tar.lzo would be greater than the size of tar.gz, but the speed is the key in backups I think). I think LZO has got perl and python interfaces.

Yea I know,

We’ve recently been combing the forums for things we have missed to make sure it all gets documented.