ensim >> cpanel >> iworx :)

I got setup with iWorx today. So far so good extremely impressed. Simplicity is key and I think iWorx is really user friendly. cPanel is great BUT even after using it for over a year I could never get were i wanted how I wanted from memory.

// saying that my memory is awful… :confused:

Looking forward to developments with iWorx. Looks like it is still relatively early days and it will be nice to see it grow.

Keep it up chaps.

Thanks brooky :), the next version should definitely not disappoint :).


Technically the title should have been “InterWorx > cPanel > Ensim”, as > means greater than - many people use it to mean “better than” on the internet :wink:

ie. 2 > 1
or AMD > Intel

Maybe 2 x > means go to … :wink:

Actually I beleive that two >> means “much greater than” :stuck_out_tongue:

or maybe > is just an arrow --> :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :slight_smile:

Is there a proposed feature list for the next version anywhere?

Interworx don’t publish those kind of things… they’re top secret! :smiley:

Ahh, I see! :slight_smile:

We don’t have a features list or roadmap anywhere because things sometimes change (changing priorites, development roadblocks, etc.) and we like to suprise our clients.

That being said the following have been mentioned in the forums:

  • Enhanced/more scripts in ScriptWorx
  • Htaccess front end
  • Iconish skin

Probably a couple others too but I’m not thinking of them right now. This is NOT the complete list by any means and the next version will have MANY enhancements/tweaks to the exissting features.

It is very safe to say that the next release will NOT disapoint :slight_smile: