Error adding email alias with _ in it

Hi all,

See attached screenshot - when adding an email with an _ in it, the server errors out and I can’t add it. Very odd. Is there any fix / workaround for this.



This is a known issue with a bug report on file. The bug report is marked as ‘done’ but it has not been released, yet. It should be included in the next release/update, however, I do not have an ETA at this time. For now, it is recommended to create an alias/email address without an underscore.


Ok, I see, I couldn’t find that after some searching. Good to know. The workaround isn’t great for me, since this is an existing email address from another system.


I believe the plan is for the next release hit the beta channel within the next few weeks. There is no other fix or workaround at this time, though, sorry.

You can keep an eye out for updates and bug fixes here: Changelog — InterWorx documentation