error deleting an account

i created an account without a dot and i cannot be able to delete it. i deleted it deleting his directory but the problem persists and i cannot add a new domain

Please see my post in this thread:

Many thanks for you rapid answer!!! the problem is solved :wink:
[SIZE=2]I’m very Sorry for doesnt search the question[/SIZE]

OPSS but the ip addreses used are hide!!

Not sure I understand what the problem is. Could you provide a few more details?

New problem, apache server is down… i tried to look for the virtualhots but i dontknow where are them…

Starting httpd: Warning: DocumentRoot [/home/luzdifus/Luzdifusa/html] does not exist
httpd: bad user name lusdifus

about the last problem. when i create a new siteworx account the ips used by the last deleted account are not able to be used again

OH! i like this panel much more than WHM/Cpanel. The interface is better for people that want to know what are doing and do it faster

Could you open a ticket so that we can check out the problem? I have an idea about what’s going on, but will need to take a look to be sure.