Error on QMAIL - Send-current

Any one see this error before?

In log file - Send-current

2021-03-22 12:43:06.848442500 warning: trouble injecting bounce message, will try later

Hi inventdigital

I think I have once seen that message but it was a long time ago

First I woudl restart either the server or the mail system.

You can restart mail drom nodeworx, system services, mail but personally I prefer to do from SSH

SSH into server

run as root or sudo service smtp stop

run as root or sudo service smtp start

I know you could run run as root or sudo service smtp restart but it is a personal choice

Monitor the send log for any more messages

I hope that helps a little and if you are needing more, you woudl be best either posting more details, IW-CP version, Distro version etc… or open a support ticket and let IW have a look if it is happening a lot and can be reproduced

Many thanks



The only time I remember seeing that message (and the only instance I can find in old tickets), the cause was that port 25 was disabled in the firewall. So that may be something to check. :slight_smile:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager