Error setting quota's / email box

When adding a new email box through siteworx, the following is returned:

? Changes NOT saved:
? Error in vsetuserquota()

The email box itself is beeing created (listed in siteworx), trying to set the quota when editing the email account results in no quota beeing set (or not saved correctly).

Also… when attempting to login through horde/squirrelmail/pop3 the login is refused, stating the password is incorrect. (the email box on filesystem (/home/vpopmail/domains/<domain>/<user>/Maildir) is created).
Also… a “vuserinfo” on the email address states the email account does not exist.

Since it complains about quota’s … i must say that my /chroot/home disk is mounted with quota’s enabled (defaults,usrquota,grpquota in /etc/fstab).

We haven’t seen this problem before. If you open a support ticket we’ll check it out.