Error trying create mail !! bug ??

[SIZE=2] Error: User’s directory already exists?
Add An E-mail Box [1 / 15 Used]

How fix this?

I use the last version of interworx.

best regards

Which user were you trying to create? and for which domain? My guess is that the Maildir for that user already exists.

For example, if you were trying to create the following email address:

You should look in

Are you migrating mail from another server? If so, you should create the account first in SiteWorx, then move the mail data in to the proper directory (and not the reverse, which is what I assume you did).

Hope that helps.

I importing from ensim

all sites imported correctly just ahve troubles with few sites.

i check /home/vpopmail/domains/

and that file or folder no exist, so that no is a the trouble

some idea?

i create backup of that site with backup form iW, delete site, restore again, trouble continue

Could you open a support ticket, provide your root login information and your NodeWorx login information, and we can check out the problem.


For those who may be having a similar problem, the issue here was that the account in question was far over it’s storage quota. When the account is over quota, new mailboxes can’t be created. The fix is to increase the SiteWorx account’s storage quota. We’ve made a note of the error, and we’ll make the error message clearer in a future release.