In order to get updates to you quicker for the core packages we support we’ve setup an EXPERIMENTAL yum archive. The purpose of this archive is post our initial builds of any new packages as new versions are released. As the repository’s name states these are experimental and while they should generally work there may be problems and you have been forewarned :slight_smile: .

To access the archive you’ll need to edit your /etc/yum.conf file and add the following:

name=InterWorx-CP - Red Linux $releasever - EXPERIMENTAL

The previous entry is for Red Hat 9 systems. For other systems simply replace the “rht90” with one of the following codes:

Fedora Core 1 = fdr10
Fedora Core 2 = fdr20
White Box Linux = whb3x
CentOS = cos3x
Red Hat Enterprise 2.x = rhe2x
Red Hat Enterpirse 3.x = rhe3x

If you’d rather build the binaries yourself the SRPMS are at:


You can build them for your platform by doing an rpmbuild as follows:

rpmbuild --rebuild --with rht90 <url of SRPM>

Again, the above is for RedHat 9, substitute your OS code as before.


This is kind of cool Chris. I’m not sure I’d ever add that to my yum but it’s possible I would install a specific package I wanted.

haha, and I don’t recommend adding it to your yum permanently, but feel free to try out the packages if you ever want to.



I’ve seen (not install, just check with yum check-update) there is the mod_frontpage available.

What does it do exactly (ok install mod frontpage) and how ?
Is the mod frontpage will be setup for all domains or only these I’d like to ?

mod_frontpage-0-5.0-100.i 100% |=========================| 9.5 kB    00:00


It is not 100% functional (yet) pascal but it does install mod_frontpage into apache and with some coaxing I’m sure it could work. We just haven’t spent the time yet.


do you need a beta tester, if yes, let’s me play with it :stuck_out_tongue:

(don’t have so much critical site now, less maybe one with more than 3500 visitors per day. My hosting activity will really start in few weeks, and having the frontpage mod installed is a +)


Feel free pascal, that’s what it’s there for :slight_smile:


ok , I’ll do it.
but first Id do my migration and after i’ll play with mod_frontpage and spamassassin 3.0 which has just been released

I intend to take a look at these when I have the time as well. Don’t forget to post your results to the forums here for everybody to learn from your experiences. I do have some experience with installing the FP extentions from source, but have never done anything with Spamassassin.

Just be carefull, the FP extentions add lines to your domainname.com.conf (InterWorx’s equivelent to a httpd.conf) and if even ONE of these goes invalid your whole Apache web server goes down until you fix it. Fortunately it tells you what line the error is on if you start or restart httpd from the command line.

Good luck!

but have never done anything with Spamassassin

spamassassin is quiet simple to install. You need qmail-scanner.

I already wrote a litlle tutorial (in fact modify a tutorial already written) and posted it in the forum (installation of razor, dcc, qmail-scanner, mime, spamassassin, clam, …)

see this post

and do not hesitate if you have question about it


Any luck with FrontPage, I have clients who need it and I really would like to get it running ASAP. I toyed with the installer i found at rtr with no luck. Just ran the SRPM install and i was wondering if anyone has andy ideas on how to add it to domains.

As previously stated I’ve done this in the past on InterWorx 1.2 or 1.3 back in February on my old server. It’s still on my to do list but I haven’t had time to look at it lately.

With InterWorx you just add Root Webs (domains) from the master script (instead of a series of subwebs like on most Microsoft servers).

I will see if I have time to take a look this weekend,


I know this should be obvious, but i cant find anything on how to work it or figure it out. What command in SSH would i use to add them?

Installing Software on *nix
Using RPM to Install Packages

I also want to note that this RPM isn’t a “install and poof it works” solution. It is untested and you will have to do some post-config after it’s installed. I’d check out ready-to-run’s site (rtr.com i believe) for instructions once it’s installed.




About frontpage on IW, i hoppe if in the future interworx support frontpage, we have option for not install on server.
I understand some cusotmer want that, but if add that option, please enable some feature for select if want frontpage server compatible or no.
Personally, i no want anyone on my servers runing frontpage sh***
Sorry for my language ! : )

Chris has stated in a forum post elsewhere that the NodeWorx user will be able to decide if a SiteWorx accunt has access to FrontPage or not when the account is created. Don’t wory about it :slight_smile: