Expiration date for accounts

It would be nice to not have to go in and manually turn off accounts at the end of their lives.

Most people use third party billing software to cancell accounts that are no longer needed


to name the four I am aware of.

Not sure if the guys intend to add this kind of functionality to Iworx itself.

Its really more of a billing issue, not a hosting management issue. Its nice to have in IWorx sure, but then you have overlapping function and the eventual problems.

I’m not looking for a full-fledged system built into Interworx. Such things tend to be either too much, or not enough. But it does remove one small aspect of overseeing accounts, particularly if such packages are not in use.

Another issue with this…the billing system we use automatically renews the package each billing period, so we only close accounts if someone requests it. Otherwise, even if someone wasn’t using their account, they’re still paying for it and it’s still sitting there.

I had this same discussion with Chris about a year ago and have since come to the same conclusion as he had at the time – Iworx should concentrate on the features of the panel itself and allowing third parties (throught the API) to deal with things like this. Right now there are no free billing systems that integrate with Iworx (that I know of) but it doesn’t mean there can’t be. The API manual is up on the site for any developer to read and the Nexcess staff have always been very cooperative with developers who want to work on this.

Another thought – Linux allows for you to set an expiration date for users and each SiteWorx account IS a Linux user (user name is the first 8 characters of the domain name). If you REALLY want to do something like that you might be able to.