Express transfers - Feature request


What do you think about Express transfers ?

Express transfers
An express transfer, in addition to transferring the requested cPanel account(s), performs the following actions on the remote server:

Updates the account’s A record to point to the destination server.

Whenever appropriate, changes the domain’s nameserver entry to point to the destination server.

Updates the mail databases to point to the destination server.

Adds a redirect for the Account Moved page (cgi-sys/movingpage.cgi) for the following file extensions:

Blocks SSH and FTP logins to the source server for accounts that were transferred.

Hi Mehmet,

Very cool idea! The issue is that we import from so many different panel versions with all different kinds of API’s that this would be very tricky to pull off without it breaking for some people. But I will take the request and maybe we can offer it for cPanel or something since most hosts seem to come from that.