Extending retention of client transfer logs

Afternoon guys,

We’ve been experiencing a particularly nasty exploit on one of our systems, and due to the transfer logs for client sites being blown away fairly regularly, it’s hard to track it down.

I know that I can enable ‘Keep Web Transfer Logs’ on a per-domain basis, but is there anywhere I can modify cron(?)/rotation job to hold on to these logs for a few days or a week?

Failing that, is there any way to bulk enable ‘Keep Web Transfer Logs’ for existing domains?


You could probably run an SQL query on the InterWorx MySQL database, but I wouldn’t know what query to run - best to wait for Chris or one of the other staff to tell you :wink:

Another thing you could do is to write a custom cronjob to copy/move the logs to another location every X hours/days.

Look in the iworx.ini for something like:


Change “7” to whatever number you like.



Thanks. I take it that this integer represents hours?


No, days. It’s how many days of transfer logs to save. For example, the default setting is 7, so you will always have 7 days worth of logs. On the eighth day, the oldest transfer log will be deleted to make room for the newest one. If you set it to say, 14, you will have two weeks worth of logs saved.