External / Two Factor Authentication

I have been unable to find this in my casual searching so I am posting this query. Does Interworx now support external authentication platforms or multi-factor authentication? Interworx supporting external authentication platforms via an authentication redirect (for say SSO or external multi-factor) would be extremely beneficial in today’s security climate.

Hi Omaticon

Do you mean for instance 2FA - if so, every siteworx account/user can create an authentication code for use with google, Administration, Authentication generate - see picture

Many thanks

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No. I’m not referring to Google 2-factor. I’m asking about being able to actually CHOOSE my authentication solution.


There is not a way to choose an external two-factor authentication solution at this time. There is only the built in version listed above. I can submit a feature request for this option, though I do not have any guarantee or ETA.



A feature request would be greatly appreciated. It is the last thing keeping me from coming back to Interworx. I’m sure many others would appreciate and utilize the feature as well.

In the meantime, does anyone recall if Interworx authenticates via PAM? I could at least support Yubikeys via their PAM module.