Extract files from full account backup

Hey guys,

we accidentally deleted one specific log file in all accounts (don’t ask!) and would like to know if it is possible to extract a file from a full account backup. I don’t really want to restore 60 accounts to a test server just to get to that file in each account, so I hope someone knows how to do it or has done it before…



Hi Michael

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I believe the backup is a compressed file, and you can extract its contents without restoring, but you need to do this on a different computer. It is a tar.gz I think from memory.

Once extracted, you should be able to locate the file needed and replace

You may want to look at r1soft, which works lovely, not expensive and protects the server files for backup. We use r1soft for our servers.

I’ll try to post the code for extraction when I’m back, but I’m sure the instructions have been posted previous so you may want to search the forum

I hope that helps

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Hi John,

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I know about unpacking the .tgz file, but the file in there is “packed” by Interworx, somehow and I am looking for a way to unpack that resp. acesss files in there. The full acccount backup also contains the structure data, databases, account settings etc. so Interworx will have created their own format.
The file starts like this "IWORX-META/ " and thus won’t be in any known packing format.



Hi Michael

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The backup file is packed and then compressed, so you need to uncompress then extract the tar

You could try this (but not on your production server)

gunzip <file name> tar -xf <file name>

Or gunzip <file name>, then make sure it is just a tar and then unpack the tar

I could be wrong though, so apologise in advance as I have not tested this

Many thanks and hope it helps


Sorry John, forgot to answer and update you (and others) on this.

As it turned out, I always did the mistake of unpacking the backup file (ending in *.tgz) and only looked the resulting file in an editor, searching for any hints of a compression header. Finding none, it never even occurred to me, that the file is indeed packed and I can simply unpack it (not sure which packing format it actually is).
So instead of looking at the file I should have been simply double clicking it :wink:

Sometimes we think too complicated…