Extracting Nodeworx graphs from several boxes.

Hi guys,

I have Nodeworx running on different boxes and I’d like to be able to check on all the graphs from all the machines on one same page. This way I’d be able to check load, memory use, ping times, processes, etc without having to login to avery box every time.

Can this be done? Would it be very difficult? What would be necessary?


Hello Poooh,

We’ve been working on a complete off-site, service and performance monitoring system/service for our Interworx boxes, and others.

This is something that we’ve been looking into doing. I know one of my guys was looking into it not long ago, but dont know how far he got. I’ll speak to him tomorrow and see what has/is being done. I think the lines we were going down were a regular script on each Iworx box to copy the graphs to a location, web-accessible. And then , for in case of a server being down, the service monitoring server would at similar interval pull the graph files across to display… not sure where we are on it, but when I find out, I’ll update :slight_smile:

Hi, any updates on this issue? Thanks!

Sorry - had loads on, I’ll see what I can extract from him tomorrow :smiley:


I’ve set-up StatusMon monitoring our servers and work’s great :wink: … and it’s free