Extremely frustrated

I’ve been playing with this software for a couple of days now, and I realize this could just be that I’m much more familiar with how cPanel works, however this software seems much more complicated to get running than cPanel.

::Begin Rant::

Issues I’m having issues with include sending of emails the server refuses to respond most of the time, is there a log file somewhere I can see what it says is going on? From the email client perspective it seems to be looking the other way ignoring its job.

Having IW itself run under such an old version of PHP doesn’t inspire confidence, but then from what I can tell there hasn’t been a new version in 2 years, which I suppose makes this more okay.
:: End Rant

You can find the logs in NodeWorx / Server / Logs.
PHP is easily upgradable, there are tutorials in the forum. We are using 5.6.x without any problem!

Check this page, it’s a very good collection of differet tricks an tutorials: https://licensecart.com/billing/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/index/2/

Hi Katronix

I am not too sure of your post, do you mean PHP mail sending is not working, or that email is not working.

If email services not working, DSS post for logs is correct, and you should see errors/failures, usually with the reason for failure, but if you mean PHP mail sending is not working, I do not think the logs show PHP failures, and you would need to turn on error logging to see correct failures. You could script the error logging into your php code so it is not tunred on system wide from php.ini.

Many thanks


Make sure in your email client you have it set for SMTP Requires Authentication.
I believe this is the default setup for InterWorx now, which is good because it prevents your server from being used as an open relay.