Family Guy

Has anyone seen this show? It was previously on Fox and was cancelled. Then it became the first show to be brought back based on OUTSTANDING dvd sales, with the new season starting toward the end of the year.

Anyway, if you’ve seen this show…what are your thoughts on it?

Its too funny. Its unfortunate that AdultSwim overplays it, though. Even though the show was brought back, it will be canceled again fairly soon, I’m sure. Not because of lack of intrest, but because its “controversial”. If Comedy Central picked it up instead of Fox, I’m sure it would have had a long run.

It’s being syndicated on 3 networks right now, TBS, Fox, and Comedy Central…which is sweet!

And I don’t care HOW long it’s on as long as I get to see new epiosdes!! has the episode list for the new season. They only have titles up and no description, but I’m still pumped about it! There have even been talks of a Family Guy movie!

It has to be my favorite television show of ALL TIME! :smiley:

It has to be my favorite television show of ALL TIME!

Family Guy suxors.

Yeah, that’s my web host who said that. :rolleyes: :smiley:

yeah…he’s just jealous because he hasn’t seen it yet and I won’t EVER let him borrow it :wink:

I used to watch that when it was on origonally, and thought it was pretty damn funny. But now i cant bring myself to watch it, it being on FOX… I need to get cable :wink:

Buy the DVDs!!! :cool:

I agree with IWorx-Chris. Sucks. What’s you’re second favorite television show of all-time?

I have several “second favorite” tv shows…including:

Home Movies(AdultSwim)
Sex and the City << Chris is with me on this one…even though he might deny it :wink:
Real World/Road Rules

Home Movies is great.

The problem with Family Guy (most likley why so many people hate it) is that is extreme, stupid, gross humor. Its a gutter fest. Quite the opposite of shows like Dilbert, which were likley canceled because most people could’t get the jokes.

Some may remember these Family Guy moments:

I’m the freaking pope!
I neeed aaaaaaaa Jeewwwww (Never shown on Fox)
Can’t touch me! – Operation bomb the crap out of your house… The guy who thinks up the names isn’t here right now.

Faimly Guy relys on the lowest, dumbest stuff to be funny. You just have to like that sort of thing. Anyone seen Kung Pow? Its a very funny movie if you like stupid humor.

I’ve seen Kung Pow. It had some funny parts, but it was cheesy at best. Steve Oedekerk should have stopped starring in movies after High Strung. Can’t beat that movie! :slight_smile:

Some cheesy movies end up being super good though. For instance, The Stupids, starring Tom Arnold, is a funny, cheesy movie. Same with Napoleon Dynamite!

love the show… watch it about every night on [adult swim] :slight_smile:

“here is my email, its lois must die, one word, at Yahoo dot com” -Stewie

I love this show, it’s one of the most hilarious ones I have ever seen. I was dating an Italian guy and was joking of him with this video Family Guy - Italian Stereotypes
And I have a sound of Stewie calling Lois on my cell set as a ringtone for my mom lol