Feature Request: Lighttpd or Nginx


I LOVE Interworx so much more then every other control panel, but even though cPanel and Plesk are both ugly, resource hogs, and … they offer a lot of functionality that Interworx currently lacks. I have a few suggestions to make Interworx not only equal, but better! Here are the suggestions per service, I would like to see these official:


  • Lighttpd
  • Nginx


Source Control:


  • Amazon S3
    (Suggested Solution: Integrate Ruby script http://s3sync.net into Interworx Backup if Backup To S3 is Selected)

Is there a way to integrate any of these ourselves currently without too many hiccups?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there an easy way to “extend” Interworx? I know there is modules but can modules add services, menus, crons, etc? If I am not mistaken “plugins” can do many things but are still limited. I would love the ability to build some of this out to help…

As long as I have a way to full extend, starting with the ability to add services and install packages onto the system like ‘yum install git’ for example.

I will second support for NGINX. If Interworx supported NGINX I think it would blow everyone else out of the water!

I would love support for GIT, it would make life so much easier for our webdevelopers.

I would well see nginx support in release 5.
Is there any roadmap out there ?

you will never see nginx in interwox because of their marketing. You have to buy LS for 10-31usd or more. Thats the business.