Fedora/CentOS Support

Any updated ETA for CentOS/Fedora support? I’m tired of not being able to get updated pachages withoug hunting for them :wink:

I’m looking at updating my server in the next month or so and would rather get the new OS installed on the new box rather than have to go through the (costly – both in time and dollars) upgrade twice by having to get an install after the box is set up once. Thanks.

Also, will you be supporting Fedra Core 1 or 2?


Funny that you ask ;).

We’re putting the finishing touches on the 1.8 release which will among other things support CentOS 3.x, Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2 in addition to RedHat 9.

The 1.8 release will be available early next week.


Thanks. That’s good news!

White Box Linux


Just to expand on that, White Box Linux will also be supported shortly.


Terrific news. This + the improved backup system will make migration to a new server with Nodeworx/Siteworx easy!

Now we just need 1.8 to go final :wink:

Chris tells me it’s VERY close :slight_smile:

InterWorx 1.8


InterWorx 1.8 should be out, if not already, in a matter of hours. I will let Chris confirm.



It’s out. I did a yum update several hours ago to 1.8.0-2 and several other RPM’s a few hours ago. Things appear to be working fine, although the updater in InterWorx didn’t show them as pending (I was betaing 1.8), so I did it by hand.

I am now doing a backup of my server data to the second hard drive facilitate a move to the new machine when Sago provisions it.


The updates installed automatically for me. I was also betaing 1.8 and I just logged into NodeWorx this morning and it shows the updates this morning at about 25 minutes after midnight in the Installed Batches. It updated httpd, interworx, mod_ssl, and qmail.


If Sago’s order system isn’t updated by Monday, just order a RedHat 9 server and I can work with them to get CentOS on there. Their installers have done a handful for us already and they can grab me on AIM when they are going to setup your box.


Chris, actually the server was ordered two weeks ago and Iris agreed to wait on provusioning it until the 1.8 was available. (I asked her if she wanted me to wait to order it or do the order at the time and she said to do it this way, probably so that the server I wanted was available when it was time.) It’s listed in my.sagonet.com, but I haven’t recieced the root password yet and I don’t know if it has an OS yet, but I am only being billed for the one server until the transfer is complete.

I expect it to be set up on Monday whenshe gets back to the office.

Thanks again,


I’ll send Iris a note regarding your server and how it should be installed.


Thanks again Chris.


I have ordered a new server at sago with 2 hard disk drives and just a litlle more strong than the one I have today.

I ask them to install Centos and InterWorx 1.8 on this new server

As soon as it will be setup could I ask you (Chris/Paul or others and Tim) to help me or/and share your knowledge to transfert all my interworx data (and maybe my server data) from my server to the new one.

Tim : I think that you have 2 HDD too. Do you use a tool to backup data form your HDD1 to HDD 2 ?




Tim do you succesfuly transfered you data to your new CentOS server ?


I just got the server info today (may have been sent outyesterday bit I wasn’t online).

What I am doing is creating a mirror of all of my files onto the second hard drive and asking Sago to move the hard drive over for me. SOme othes use rsync to make backup files on other HD’s but I haven’t really played with that yet.

For now I am just using the cp command. I am only concerned about how this will effect my permissions. Will everything I move suddenly become the property of root ?

Right now there isn’t that much in the way of knowlege toshare other than that.

I’d use tar or rsync to mirror the “/” partition Tim:

STOP ALL SERVICES (iworx, httpd, ftp etc et)

cd /
tar lcf - .|(cd /mnt/second-drive; tar xpvf - )

This will save perms as well.

I forsee problems with the interworx databases and the system consistency in general so I’d really just create new accounts in iworx-cp, copy the user data back into each ‘html’ dir and re-import the DBs by hand. It’s not fun, and we’re writing a backup / restore routine as I type this, but it won’t be ready for a release or 2.


You’ll need to use cp -p to keep things like permissions in tact. Of course, if the UIDs change at all between boxes, you’ll have a lot of things to go back and clean up anyway.

Edit: Yeah, what Chris said :slight_smile:

I will probably do that – even though it’s a bugger to do I have a lot more data on the server this time over the last but only a few of the things need to be restored immediately – but for now I have another problem. I’m getting a server liscence error. It says the liscence is invalid or expired. Just open a ticket with Sago.

EMI, as long as I create the accounts inthe same order the user names and ID’s should be the same, correct?

Sometimes, but don’t count on it.

You can use find to search for old UIDs in the tree you are copying and chown as necessary. Just keep a copy of your old /etc/passwd. For example, if the use bob has UID 5000, create an account for him on the new box and:

find /home -u 5000 -exec chown bob \;

You would need to do that for each user. Of course, make sure that if anything in the new system has UID 5000 it doesn’t have any files in the tree you are searching.

There is probably a slicker way of doing this, but I’m tired right now :slight_smile: