Fedora Core 5 Support

Afternoon Gents,

One of our clients asked today about running InterWorx on Fedora Core 5, and I let him know that it’s not a supported OS just yet. I was wondering if there was any information available as to when FC5 would be given the green light as a supported platform.

We’re not even offering FC5 to our clients yet as we haven’t had time to test it on various hardware, but I thought I’d ask out of personal curiosity.



It’ll probably be a few weeks. We haven’t even got an FC5 test box up yet and honestly it’s not a huge priority at this point since the FC4 install base has been very very small. But regardless we’ll get FC5 support in there at some point.



Understandable; the demand for FC5 from our clients has been… well, there hasn’t been any demand until today, really.

Would you say CentOS is the platform of choice for most InterWorx users? That’s what we’ve been suggesting to most of our clients who want an InterWorx based setup.


So far it’s been the overwhelming bulk of the installs. Support isn’t “better” or worse on any of the platforms since we just rebuild RPMs to suit. But regardless CentOS has definitely been the most installed.


And centos its really the best option.

Solid OS!

"CentOS + Intewrox its amazing solid plataform for shared hosting "

When RH9 went EOL I looked at both CentOS and Fedora for my personal box and went with CentOS – a decision I’ve never regretted.