File Manager Bug

Hello Guys,

A reseller has an issue when extracting zip files through Fileman. Error in iworx.log shows:

Jun 27 19:32:23 check-session.php [debug] check-session.php --perm=FILEMANAGER
Jun 27 19:32:23 check-session.php [info] user: paroutis

Jun 27 19:32:23 check-session.php [info] dir: /home/paroutis/DOMAIN.COM

Any ideas? Would you like a ticket raising to investigate?


Is the reseller near quota on his disk space?

Sure, go ahead an open a ticket and we’ll take a quick look.


Hi Dustin,

Nowhere near his quota. He was getting the “illegal division by zero” error in the browser and the above in the iworx.log

Unfortunately I cannot replicate this and he has reported this a number of times over the last few months.

I will raise a ticket and enclose a screenshot.

If the situation can’t be replicated then it’s going to be hard for us to track down a cause and consequently fixed. :slight_smile: We’ll take a look nonetheless.


This isnt related to this particular problem but I and every one of my customers that have used Fileman to edit their html scripts, fileman has done really bad things to their html files nad had to stop using it and start using something else.

Hoping this would be addressed in the upcoming new relaes of Interworx.

Hello Dustin,

I am going to stick this in a ticket with root detalis, however this is in the iworx.log file and is the same user that is getting the errors.

FYI: The reseller says that when logging into siteworx accounts via his reseller panel, he gets this error. If he logs in to the siteworx directly he doesn’t and it is only happening on the one account, which was the first ever one added to his reseller account:

Jul 08 20:05:28 check-session.php [debug] check-session.php --perm=FILEMANAGER
Jul 08 20:05:28 check-session.php [info] user: dolomane

Jul 08 20:05:28 check-session.php [info] dir: /home/dolomane/

Jul 08 20:05:31 check-session.php [debug] check-session.php --perm=FILEMANAGER
Jul 08 20:05:31 check-session.php [info] user: dolomane

Jul 08 20:05:31 check-session.php [info] dir: /home/dolomane/

Jul 08 20:05:52 check-session.php [debug] check-session.php --perm=FILEMANAGER
Jul 08 20:05:52 check-session.php [info] user: dolomane

Jul 08 20:05:52 check-session.php [info] dir: /home/dolomane/