File Request


After reading the tutorial at:

with regards to adding custom scripts to Scriptworx, I was wondering whether anybody on the boards had a copy of the file referenced in the manual, which doesn’t appear in my installation, which is:


All code comes from /home/interworx/include/scriptworx/sampleScript.php.



I think this is a case of the manual reflecting a feature in the works that is not as of yet supported. Adding scripts to InterWorx is a new featue for 2.2. Even if you had the file in question, it might not work. Dustin will no doubt respond to this post with more info.

Tim is right, the documentation is ahead of the release in this case. The ability to add your own custom script to ScriptWorx will debut with the next major release. You can write the code for your own script classes now, but you will be unable to succesfully integrate them into ScriptWorx.
The contents of /home/interworx/include/scriptworx/sampleScript.phps are almost identical to the code in the documentation.

I’ll certainly be glad to answer any questions you may have about developing a script class to integrate into ScriptWorx.