FileMan destroying files

FileMan has been eating up files and spitting them back out minus quite a bit of data. I don’t know why, and I know its not your fault, but thought you guys should be aware. I have too much to do right now, so I can’t really investigate this much. There could be any number of things causing this (might not be FileMan’s fault at all) but all I can say is that using FileMan + LPHPCMS + Rollie’s box = garbage.

Thanks for the heads up CMI, we’ll check it out. What’s one example of a lightphpcms file that got screwed up?

Sorry, deleted them :slight_smile:

I know pages/index.html was messed up. The entire head was gone up to about half way into the page. Strangely, the body tag was still there. I’ll reproduce the problem later so we can look at a before and after.

I wasn’t able to get it to remove anything from files, but did nail some things down after working on pages/index.html.

I can confirm that it isn’t properly translating newlines. Its probably a \r

issue. Also, it translates things it should’t when editing in HTML mode. Some quotes and such get turned into smartquote hex sequences. (They shouldn’t be smart quotes to begin with).

Its actually pretty minor, with some major concequences. Everyone should be fine using it if they are very careful, and don’t mix platforms and files and such.