Filemanager Usability Issues

Usability Issue:

FILEMANAGER: (Interworx 5)

  1.   When editing a file there is only save option. If I want to close or cancel it with out edits there is no option like a close button or cancel button.

a. To do this I need to click bottom breadcrub link, which a general user don?t know.
b. Please place a cancel button or ?X? close button.
c. Request: It whould be great if we can open multiple files for editing. It would be great for copying and pasting and comparing.
d. Request (Not that important): If some of action menu items can be added to right click of the file, that whould be great
2) The ?Actions? button need to be highlighted with another colored button. No user finds that in first glance.

This is useful, Chaladi. Thank you.

If you find any better file-managers that you like, let us know. That entire thing should probably be reworked eventually. I’m filing this as a bug and giving you a forum award. :smiley:

For now I’m going to try and push this as soon as I can. (I use the file manager too, and noticed some of these. x.x)

although this is an old thread the 100 files maximum is really a problem some of my users coming from cPanel find it very limiting!
Is it possible we can adjust this setting in the iworx database without running in problems/issues?

Hi nico

I am sorry I do not believe fileman is database driven

The file I think is encrypted called fileman

I think you may have it slightly wrong, as I did when looking at ours and it is 100 file max per page

If you look above the file display, you should see 1 of 3 say, if there is more then 200 files to display, and you click next page to show next 100 files or page 3 for next

You cannot display all files if greater then 100 and have to use next page

Many thanks and hope you have a lovely weekend


Hi Nico

Sorry please see picture

Many thanks

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