Flush mail queue


Quick question for someone in the know. :wink:

Our upstream had a DNS issue for a few hours this morning, causing some of our inter-server routing and external routing to go a bit wappy.

Our spam box had a fair stack of emails waiting to come down to our interworx server, and with a ‘flush queue’ button on that spam server, we were able to force all the mail queue to be re-processed (now that we had deployed a workaround for the dns issues) however we have a load stacked up on our iworx boxes, and I was wondering whether there was a supported command which would re-run the queue without waiting for the next automatic run of it?



do KILL -ALRM pid
Where pid is the pid of qmail-send


svc -a /service/send

would also work too :slight_smile:

Woops, it should be:

svc -a /service/send

Edited my previous post as well

Many thanks to both of you :slight_smile: