Forward email

I have a customer who forwards all mail for there domain hosted on my server to there ISP.

I dont see a option in the SiteWorx Panel to forward mail on. Am I looking in the wrong place or is it hidden somewhere else :confused:

Thanks in advance


There is no option to forward all mail to an account. They could be using a catch-all and an alias to forward the mail. If they are in control of their own DNS they may just have the MX record pointed to the ISP as well which would go around your server altogether.


Sorry might not have explained that too well…

They would like to recieve mail addressed to the domain, which is how its been working for the last 4 years on current server, cobalt RAQ (I think this is my last problem before I am full ready to turn it off) The server just forwards all mail addressed to domain to the customers ISP account for example

Chris if no option in the CP can this be done via shell? if so how I guess by editing a email config :wink:

Ahh, understanding now Perry.

Just make an e-mail alias in SiteWorx called “default@<client domain>.com” and point it to your client’s ISP mail account.

That will route all mail @<client domain>.com to the external ISP box.


Thats done the job!

Thanks Chris

I do this via the SMTP routes on the /control folder: port_num (25 for regular)

Im sure this does the same thing, but I did it like this on my to get to my mail server on port 26 which is on a regular bellsouth DSL line which has the wonderful feature of port 25 being blocked.