Forward mail directly to mailbox


We are looking at utilising a third-party spam service for some of our customers (cost option) and would like to know what format we can use to send mail ‘directly’ to the mailbox on the server.

A combination I have in mind is something along the lines of:

(The last part os just a hostname which resolves to the box).

Can someone maybe confirm that this will work, or is there a better way?



I’m not sure what you mean by ‘directly’ in this context. Can you elaborate a bit?


Sorry Chris…

Okay basically if the customers domain has a catch all of say - so all but the postmaster address goes there, but that service then needs to forward the messsage back to the interworx mail server, it cant forward to to say as that would forward straight back out to the monitoring service address.

On some of our old boxes, we used to be able to forward emails (which would bypass the virtusertable (obviously different system)) and land straight into the POP3 account file. We would send it to,

Just wondering whether this was possible? I’m probably not eplaining it as clearly as I should…