forward one alias to multiple mails not possible? ah! ?

Have few customer asking how can create alias and forward mails of taht alias to 2 or 3 users at same time, i try adding emailaddress separated by space or coma, but not work !

How make tis work?

Use the ‘email group’ function in SiteWorx dj-grobe. It’s basically a multi-email-destination alias.


email gruop can be used i know, but is a complicated logic for customer lol you know, now need expalin all to cusotmers about how create etc etc.
Please in the future add otopn for add multiple destination in alias : )

Or you can show them this page:

Mi customers not speak english.

Anyway, i have a big question:

If i create an alias, and redirect that alias to mail group address, that create mail loop?

i need add alias to group, for make group accept mails from alias, but alias resend mails to group! …
so that is loop !! or i mistake?
That create lopp of mails! any mail sended to alias go to group, in the group have that alias added !! so alias recive mails sended from group and resend again !