Free license deleted at licensecart


Anyone can recommend a website from where I can order one free dns license?

I had at licensecart but they deleted :(( even the account password has been changed/locked, nice Interworx partner.

They should at least inform the costumers about the changes.

Many thanks

Hi there,

It looks like I just missed you on live chat. We recently performed a billing system migration and it sounds like there was some hiccups surrounding your account. So I can look into this for you, mind providing me with your client area email address? You can reach me at

To confirm, your account was not locked and I hope you give us the opportunity to make things right with you.

Hi bblori

I hope your well

I was waiting until I was ready, but if you register an account at and I?ll let you have a license for free 1 user

If anyone else would like to buy/rent or free, please see above

You do need to confirm email address and apologies, it may take a few hours before license is emailed/shown in your account

I do have to state there are other resellers who can fulfil your requirements though, as shown from resellers

Many thanks