FTP and Shell Accounts

In order to allow people to FTP into their home directories, I’ve had to enable their accounts to use shell (although they’re still set to use /sbin/nologin).

Is this normal, or a bug?

Thanks :slight_smile:

FTP Accounts are locked into /home/USRENAME/

From the FTP management page in SiteWorx, you can setup more FTP accounts and lock them into any directory from /home/USERNAME right down to any sub-folder below. :slight_smile:

Yeh the locking is good. But the server kept disconnecting users that didn’t have the Shell Account thing “Enabled” :confused:

I uspect there is some confusion:

Are you using the main system user that is created by the first 8 characters of the domain (e.g mydomain for mydomain.com) or the ftp sub user ftp@mydimain.com – note: the @mydomain.com is part of the user?

The main system user should NOT need to have ssh access for the subuser to ftp in.

Oh, I was using the first 8 characters.

I see now; any user can login with user@sld.tld, without having the shell enabled :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim

People without shell enabled can’t login now :frowning:

I’ve had them try interworx-username@their-domain.tld, shell-username@their-domain.tld, and both of the usernames alone, but none work :frowning:

Edit: Can’t read, ignore this :smiley:

ftp@their-domain.tld :wink:


[Any FTP name created in SiteWorx]@their-domain.tld