FTP Dropbox

Is it possible to setup an FTP drop box in IW? Have a printer as a client that takes large files via FTP that would like to have a single drop box for client files that they can use a single login/password for but have it so that files cannot be downloaded, only uploaded.

There is no setting inside of Interworx to setup FTP permissions for upload or download only… You can only set the directory the account has access to.

You however could do this by editing the FTP configuration on the server through SSH.

Personally though, a simple php script, I think would be better. One where a client can name a file, attach notes / account info, and then upload the file. That way the printer knows who uploaded what, and all the files can be stored individually and securely.

Unfortunately, http uploads are not as stable nor friendly (for the power user). Also these files can be quite large and we’ve found that http uploads don’t do well with them.