FTP password is lost after importing account.


This has happened to us several times now. When we import an account (either through one account or through several), the password on the FTP account(s) is lost and the only way to recover it is to retype it.

We have this problem on 2 CentOS 5.X with Interworx 3.0.3.

If anyone is interested in more information, we can provide it.


I’ve just had this problem …

When migrating from a CentOS 4 x86_64 to CentOS 5 x86_64 …

Had you found any solution ? or a post-install trick ? :wink:


[quote=paulo;15797]I’ve just had this problem …

When migrating from a CentOS 4 x86_64 to CentOS 5 x86_64 …

Had you found any solution ? or a post-install trick ? :wink:


No, we had to re-create the password manually.

No news from the Iworx team either…

We’re aware of this problem and it will be adressed in the next release, coming soon.


Hi Paul,

Is there anything we can do after migrating 91 sites from server ? :slight_smile: … any trick ?

Thank you


I just experienced this same problem after doing a mass transfer import on the very latest interworx version :frowning:

Again: Is there some fix I can apply to fix it and avoid needing to reset all passwords?

Hi nars

To be honest, I have not seen this between centos 6 and 7, including IW5 and IW5.1.

I would open a support ticket to let IW have a look at what went wrong

Hopefully if other users have seen this issue, perhaps they would like to post

Many thanks


You can edit the passwords in the IW db manually. If you have compressed backup you can find the hashed password in the manifest file. Using mass transfer I think you have to have a working account so you can copy the passwords from the IW db. You can enable the IW db here: Server / Settings / Debug mode and than you can open the db in: System Services / MySQL Services / phpMyAdmin / Database server: InterWorx DB

In the iworx_ftp database is the useres table containing the passwords.

It’s wokrking on Centos6 and 7 too!

I have CentOS 6 64-bit + IW 5.1.2 on both systems and apparently it happened with all ftp accounts imported using the mass transfer import.

I did actually looked yesterday at the users table on the iworx_ftp db, on both servers, and I could see apparently hashed passwords (in a format like $1$xxxxxxxx$fjt8wn1lkjfjt8wn1lkjxx) and I could notice that these hashs on the new server doesn’t match the ones on the old one, for the same ftp accounts… but I’m not sure if these are system dependent hashs (but if so how could them be imported?)… or should they really match?

One thing to note… my old server, despite updated to latest IW version, haves this same IW install for long time, since near 2010, I’m wondering if it may be the source of the problem, for eg. if something was not properly updated over the time, or if old IW used some “legacy” way to store hashed ftp passwords that is not default anymore but is still being used on my old server…

Ok, apparently I did just found what happened! (no idea why… but maybe this will help you investigate/think on it)

The hashs on the new server are actually hashed from the hash’s on the old server, i.e. hash(hash(password)), that means: to ftp login on the new server I need to use the hashs stored on old server iworx_ftp db as password’s and it works.

Just copy the old (working) hashes to the new server! I think it’s not depending on the intstallation date, I had problem on a 2 months old backup. I solved with the mentioned solution.

Hi nars and dss

I’m pondering if it’s connected with old hash to new hash

Are all the passwords in the new hash format

I could be wrong though, so apologies in advance

Many thanks


I did just test to copy the hashs from old server to the new one, as dss suggested, and it’s now working on the new server with the original passwords, as it should, anyway would be probably good for the IW staff to look at this.

Thank you both for your help and have a good weekend :slight_smile:

This is an old bug that needs to be addressed sooner or later.

FTP password is lost after importing account.

Hi onspot

This was resolved in IW 5.1.7

You can check any time on the change log

I hope that helps

Many thanks