FTP Using DreamWeaver

I use DreamWeaver to develop my websites. It has a built in FTP, with intelligent folder change, making uploading new and changed pages a breeze.

Before Monday this week, all I had was a reseller account at a hosting company. Now I have my own Linux box with InterWorx, and I have been unable to logon using DreamWeaver.

It finds the host fine, but says error 530 logon incorrect.

I have a hunch that it has something to do with the default FTP user names SiteWorx setup for the users, which always ends with “@example.com”. So a FTP logon would be:


In the past, before this new Linux box, my FTP account’s usernames was WITHOUT the “@example.com”.

Likewise I used to be able to connect using Windows Explorer, now I can’t do that either.

Actually before I upgraded my box from WebMin (used ProFTP) to InterWorx, DreamWeaver logged on fine.

Any help other than recommending a stand-alone FTP program is greatly appreciated, Thanks

We have a bunch of clients using dreamweaver and the username format has never been an issue (it’s been thouroughly tested with dreamweaver). If you can provide more details about what error(s) dreamweaver is giving you that’d be helpful in getting to the bottom of this.


Hmm, this will not sound intelligent.

But I retyped the password in DreamWeaver and I was able to connect fine.

I have had this problem in DreamWeaver before, where it seems to forget my password.

Off course I am only human, so it is off course possible that it was just me goofing!

Anyways thanks and to make things clear - Connecting and doing FTP using DreamWeaver works just fine!

np RWF, and we’ve all done the same :slight_smile: believe me :).

I have now more information about DreamWeaver.

You see I knew I had typed my password right, I mean I might be knew to Linux and InterWorx, but I have typed password litterally ten thousand times. But I am now able to reproduce the following error every time.

You see my password contained foreign characters, and for some strange reason, actually it must be a program bug, DreamWeaver “forgets” a password containing foreign characters.

Let me try to explain this in another way.

I created a site in DreamWeaver, then entered the access information in the “Remote Info” area, including my password containing a few foreign characters. At this stage the “Test” connection works fine, and I am also able to transfer files. I then exit DreamWeaver after I am finished working with my site files.

Now here’s the strange thing.

I later start DreamWeaver again, and this time I can’t connect. I get the message “incorrect login information”. So I go to “Remote Info” and reenter the EXACT same password as in the last program session, and now it works again!!!

Please let me know if anyone here have time and is able to reproduce/verify this error, so it can be reported to MacroMedia.

The characters in question, are of the the type with acute’s, accents, or “umlaubs”, that is French, German, Scandinavian letters that has a few dots, or apostrophees above them.