FULL translation of the WHOLE panel.

[SIZE=2]Hi guys,

A lot of messages in the control panel (like Squirrelmail, and all the “[/SIZE][SIZE=2]storage XX% used” messages) are in English and can’t be translated unless done by hand.

What are the chances of including all these in the standard translation?


Unfortunately, Squirrel Mail (and the File Manager, I know that’s an issue) are both just external programs that are packaged with InterWorx - they’re not actually part of our codebase. They’d need to be translated upstream.

Are you referring to the storage used emails? Those are actually stored in the database - I could walk you through modifying those yourself.

If there’s something missing in the CP itself, let us know! We’ll be embarking on updating all the translations anyway for the next release, so we can catch those too!


Hi Tim,

I don understand about Squirrelmail and File Manager, but if you include them, I’d expect a multilingual version for them. Mind you, I don’t care, as I speak English, but our Spanish clients do.

Yes, I’m reffering to the storage used emails. I think that ALL information coming from the panel should be in multiple languages, don’t you think? If you’re not going to think about changing them, please let me know how to do it myself.

Don’t think there’s anything (off the top of my head) missing in the panel :wink: