Geographical dns IW shared


I’m sorry if I’ve not been around the last week, we have had big issues due to our provider at datacentre, which we have now moved all to the datacentre in full and no longer use our provider.

Would any IW user be interested in forming a geographically located IW dns setup.

This would involve 3 IW cp, from 3 different countries and syncing IW dns to each, each of us would share our dns but each would in turn have no cost involved.

I’m asking as we lost all connectivity to the outside world from the datacentre when our provider transit pipe stopped, which was because they did not pay the bill…

Many thanks


Hi John,

We would be interested in this. Please get in touch with us to arrange the details.



Hi Daniel

Many thanks, that’s lovely thank you.

I’ll pm you and we can open a dns shared group for any issues etc if alright

If anyone else wants to try this, please let me know.

Many thanks