Gift for Christmas


Think that we will have a gift for Christmas?
Me I’ll order to the Santa Claus a lot of interworx-cp upgrades, then if you have his address do not hesitate with me to give it, that my wishes will be fullfill

lol :-p




Many important updates are along the way. While we may have no updates by Chirstmas, rest assured there will be many in the next couple of months. In the mean time, take it easy and enjoy the holidays!

Thanks Bojan :wink:

Within the framework of my work I was brought to discover the importance to often rather deliver small parts of a project than the whole of the project. That makes it possible to the user to adapt the project, to feel concerned, etc…

By example, it could have been better to deliver the backup/restore management of then the multilangue, etc, etc … instead of delivering every things in one shot

It is simply a suggestion, you do a very good job:)

Good continuation and I wish you, to all, with a little in advance of merry hollidays/ christmas