Google Page Speed Mod

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has had a go at getting the Google Page Speed mod to work with Interworx, and what (if any) improvement or issues were seen?

For those who may not have seen this yet, here is a link to the mod:

Would be interesting to hear any stories about how well this works…


We’ve not tried it yet, but here’s a few notes from our perspective:

It should work at a server level without issues.

If you’re trying to configure it on a virtualhost level, there may be problems, because some updates to the SiteWorx account can cause the virtualhost file to be rewritten. I don’t know what would happen to the mod_pagespeed directives.

.htaccess should work.

Let us know how it goes! I read through their documentation yesterday, it looks well thought out. Obviously, some of the filters have the potential to cause some grief for your clients, but it looks like a good idea overall if configured appropriately.


Yea - totally agree about the possible client issues. Perhaps this is something that would only be wise to use if integrated in such a way that clients can decide to disable the feature for their own account, should problems be found.

Perhaps its one of those things best left in a development environment until it is somewhat more tried and tested outside of Googles own DCs.


I’m glad to see someone else is trying to deploy pagespeed. I’d like to use it as a differentiator from most shared hosts.

Quick question for the InterWorx team - given the need for some configuration in what would traditionally be conf.d, what file should we place the configuration directives? Can you give me the exact path (assuming out-of-the-box InterWorx install with no customization)?

I know this is an old thread but there is nothing else on the PageSpeed Module in the forums.
We are interested in installing the PageSpeed module in our Interworx server.
Has anybody tried it? Any problems?

This looks really interesting:

PageSpeed can be deployed and customized for individual web sites, as well as being used by large hosting providers and CDNs to help their users improve performance of their sites, lower the latency of their pages, and decrease bandwidth usage.

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We’ew using it in a couple of servers at the moment (test wise) and no problems at all…


Hi Daniel

I posted instructions on how to install pagespeed and integrate with IW for control.

We tested on test servers, fine but in real world, we hit problems over compressed jpgs, which group and display similar to gif motion, and also some of our clients do HD websites, and complained it was blurring images, so we have turned it off for the moment and not had time to revisit the issues reported.

I hope you have better luck

Many thanks


I use Mod SPDY if that’s what it is?

wget -N <--- 64Bit
wget -N  <--- 32Bit
yum install at
rpm -U mod-spdy-*.rpm

Any Mod Re-writes need replacing with:
RewriteEngine   On
RewriteCond     %{HTTPS}        off
RewriteCond     %{SERVER_PORT}  ^80$ [NC]
RewriteRule     (.*)    https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}

On Blesta Installations:
RewriteEngine   On
RewriteCond     %{HTTPS}        off
RewriteCond     %{SERVER_PORT}  ^80$ [NC]
RewriteRule     (.*)    https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=307,NE,L]