Groupware server

Auto-Installation of Sogo for the purpose to have a good platform in terms of communication / collaboration / coordination so this includes the mail server out of the box along with Funambol (pluggable into sogo) for mobile devices.

Hi - tell me more about Sogo - is this something that might be installed via a script installer like simple scripts, or softaculous, onto many different siteworx accounts? Or is it something that would be installed “once per server”? What would you like to do with it?

Nop, it will not be installed via a script installer like simple scripts, or softaculous. Installations are once per server as you would do with Microsoft exchange or Lotus Notes (except in special cases for building partitionned servers but this is an another subject).
I see it as an interesting free groupware product, useful for communication/collaboration/coordination and having a nice looking. It’s a good alternative when you don’t want to pay for OpenXchange or Zimbra.

That’s my proposition for integrating a user friendly completly free product as product cost in this category become very high as it’s usually based on tons of commercial options and number of users.

This being said, concerning auto-Installation, i also suggest another one which is commercial but in a special edition that makes him very cheap : Lotus Notes express (around a hundred dollars) as it’s the power of Lotus Notes along with a licence allowing 1000 users, so most companies out there :slight_smile:

Are you still interested into Sogo ? :slight_smile: