Guys iam having a sleepless night with that siteworx filemanager

What kind of file manager is that it cant even uncompresse zip files or open files for edit ,is there any way to uncompressed it takes decades to do that on chrome browser


Iw are aware the file manager is not the most popular however your 2 points should work without issue

Edit file - simply click the file and it goes into edit mode onscreen

Zip file place a tick in box next to file name and click extract from menu

Many thanks


Once you click the file it will just load and load up until tomorrow ,now if you click on zipfile it takes decades to open

I think you need to check what is causing that slow ness

Hi Donald!

As @d2d4j said, you need to click on the checkbox, not on the file.

When you click on the file, the filemanager try to open it in edit mode, which can take a while no a huge zip file!

The devs are aware that the filemanager isn’t the best. It’s on their roadmap to change it.

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Replacing the filemanager is on our list of things to do, unfortunately, I do not have an ETA at this time, nor what it will be replaced with. :frowning: But it is something on our radar after some larger tasks that are in active development (improved migration tool, and AlmaLinux 8 support) are completed. I plan to bump it as a “customers (and support) would really, really like this” item at that time (though, again, I don’t have an ETA as to when that might be).

Here is some documentation on extracting zip files, though you may have already taken these steps: How to: Extract a Zipped File from SiteWorx — InterWorx documentation

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it should not be taking long ,i really love interworx but due to some of these things it becomes boring ,look at file manager on cpanel its very fast

better do that fast we are having a bad moment with that file manager, especially on zipped files


Again, I’m sorry that I can not provide an ETA or timeline on replacing the file manager. All I can really say is that we are aware it is a painpoint for some customers and will be addressed in as near of the future as we can.