GZIP /GUNZIP and other questions.

Is Gunzip installed with an intereworx dedicated server (at sagonet)?

I don’t know if it is control panel related or not, so I am posting here :slight_smile:

I am using osCommerce and it makes use of gzip compression http://watch.oscommerce.co.nz/buzz.php?buzz_id=91

Also somebody informed me that the following versions of PHP and MySQL are installed when using the interworx control pane :
PHP 4.2.2-17.2
MySQL 3.23.58-1.9

My current hosting has MySQL 4.0.15 and PHP 4.3.3 (I am moving from them) is it possible to update to the latest stable version when I move host to sagonet with interworx (RH Linux)?

Also I read somewhere “Red Hat 9 has reached it’s End of Life” what does this mean? As I am going for an Interworx control panel dedicated server I need to use Red Hat. If Red Hat is dead (is that what it means?) will Interworx come out under any other varient of Linux in the future?

As you can tell I am a newbie to *nix!!

A PHP script that requires gzip compression and having Gzip installed on your server are very different things. If a PHP script requires it, it just means that it needs to be compiled with the appropriate support for it.

I have an InterWorx server at Sago. The PHP version on mine has support for zlib, which is the library needed to enable GZip compression. You have the appropriate support for it. :slight_smile:

As for upgrading, I’m trying to find out the same thing.

RedHat’s “End of Life” for RedHat 9 simply means that RedHat is no longer supporting it (with patches, updated RPM’s, etc.). It doesn’t mean that it’s dead; it’s just not officially supported by RedHat anymore.

And from what I understand, InterWorx is working on versions of the panel to run on Fedora Core (the un-official continuation of the “desktop” RedHat distribution), CentOS (an open-source clone of RedHat Enterprise Linux), and FreeBSD.

As sonicgroup said, its probably there. I just got a rebuild of my server at sago so I could have interworx. Gzip is on there.

If you are talking about gzip as a header for your text files(via apache), that is different. For that(mod_deflate) you will need to modify your httpd.conf.

You may wish to post this on sago’s forums, they have a bit more traffic.

Hi Registered,

Regarding your question about PHP & MySQL versions, we are days away from the largest InterWorx-CP update to date. The most significant change is that instead using RedHat’s RPMs (all of which are based on older PHP, Apache, and MySQL versions) we will be providing new RPMS for all the latest versions of this software.

Regarding your question about RedHat 9’s EOL, the FedoraLegacy project is designed to pick up where RedHat 9 left off, and will be providing security updates for at least 2 years. As of this upcoming release, all RedHat 9 InterWorx-CP servers will automatically switch to the FedoraLegacy project for updates (except for the packages provided by us of course). As of the upcoming release, Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 2, and CentOS 3.1 will all be supported in addition to the RedHat 9 + FedoraLegacy updates.


Thanks all for your replies.

Much appreciated!

Paul, how many days away is the release and how many days away will it be available from Sago “interworx dedicated server” selection?

Also what OS will this next Interworx build be available on? I want to know whether I should hold off a little more or not.

Thanks again all for your posts.

fedoralegacy is a joke, Paul. I’ve gotten three updates from them (two of them to the cvs server which I don’t even use) total. If Fedora Legacy was that concerned with updating servers they would be doing the important ones such as httpd and proftp and the kernal (okay, these are bad examples since I know you use your own RPM’s for these, but you get the idea), if not all of the packages. It seems to me they are doing only what they HAVE to do in order to say that they support it.

I understand that you have no control over this, but you shouldn’t continue to try to apiese peoples concern about RH9’s EOL with that. Yes, you don’t necessarily NEED the most recent versions, but it’s not a good idea to start with such old software (some of HR9’s stuff is a year and a half old from what I understand, an eternity in the open source Linux world).

If you had a friend looking at a new computer would you recommend that he or she get Windows ME or 2000 installed? Of course not (unless he or she was using software with XP compatibility issues)! They are bordering on being considered “obsolete” software. In two years they will be EOL and unlike Linux thre will not be any open source community to maintain them.

RH9 is no different. It’s reached EOL but has a reprieve because of Fedoa Legacy and others who are still making RPM’s but that’s not the same thing as being supported by RH – not even close.

RH9 may not be “dead” but it’s certainly on life support. I’m glad to see the Fedor/CentOS upgrade will be available soon. Time to turn off the switch.


P.S. I realize that this is coming off snippy; I don’t mean it to. I’m just frustrated about the whole mess (particularly fedoralegacy’s part ofit). that’s all. You guys really do a bang up job and I want you to know it’s appreciated. :slight_smile:

I (and I can speak for Paul on this one I believe) agree that Fedora Legacy has been a joke thus far. There are a few notable exploits that have gone unpatched/fixed etc from Fedora Legacy (php comes to mind). This is why we’ve moved from our previous stance where we relied on the OS vendor to provide key updates for software that is important to hosting companies (and web based business in general). We’re going to broaden our base and support more OSs and at the same time provide UPDATED RPMs for some core packages (for a list just check out http://updates.interworx.info/iworx/SRPMS). The OS vendor will still be responsible for doing updates on kernels and other key software pakcages, but at least you, the client, can make a choice and choose the distro that fits your needs (and that is updated regularly).

Believe me Tim, we’re frustrated too and we concur :).

Thanks for the input Tim, it’s always apprecitated.


Thanks Chris. I guess I just heard the fedoralegacy mantra one too many times and snapped. :o

Re: InterWorx-CP Update

Hey all.

Any idea when the InterWorx-CP update will be available?

I’m having a server setup at Sago – they have no ETA on when it will be available, so I thought I try to get an answer from the source.

Let me know if a specific launch date has been set…



The short answer is “when it’s ready”, which should be this week, but if we need to test into next week we will obviously do so. It’s not too far off, don’t worry :).


This just went up :):


We need your help if you’re up to it. I’ve been using the 1.8 release for a number of days and it’s quite an improvement :).