Hard Drive Failing - Need Game Plan Help

I have my main iworx server and my DNS cluster. I’m getting message in my main server console that “Your hard drive is failing” along with “Device: /dev/sda [SAT], 1 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors”

On the server is installed iworx with litespeed web server and cloudlinux. I have cloud backups of all accounts going off the server every night at midnight. I need to migrate to a safe server immediately! What’s the quickest way to move all my settings from this server to the new one?

Hi synthetisoft

I’m sorry to hear about your server. Never a good position to be in.

Does cloud backups have a bare bones restore

Is your failing hard drive raided at all

You could prepare a new IW server, then on the siteworx accounts say upto 3gb, do a mass import using IW to IW mass import. For those larger then 3gb, do a structure only import and then copy the siteworx source files over (structure only should include MySQL db)

Depending upon your drive space used from failing server, could take a lot of hours, depending on factors like speed etc

When you have transferred all siteworx accounts and the new server is up and running as you need, then move the ip addresses over to new server (if in same network) or change dns/ns as needed

I hope it goes alright for you but shout if you need anything - I’m uk so there’s only a few hours left before sleep time. However, IW is hours behind uk time, so you should have good coverage

Many thanks


Hi Synthetisoft,

if you have an extra day to spare, bulk lower the TTL of all DNS entries first, as this will shorten the propagation window and lessen the impact of the IP change. Especially for mails this is very important.

I wish you best of luck with the migration.


Hi Michael

Good point. If keeping same ip it is not an issue but if changing ip well worth doing

Synthetisoft- please, how have you got on

Many thanks