Has anyone used Interworx?

I work at a small design and hosting firm that provides web and email hosting…I’m looking into some options for down the road upgrades, and have come across Interworx.

Has anyone used this software? Either as a website admin or as a systems admin? Any specific advantages or disadvantages?

I’ve done the obligatory google search, there doesn’t seem to be much available in terms of review for this particular panel.

Hi viprit

Welcome to IW forums

There are a lot of google hits if searching interworx and yes, mostly all uses on this forum are very experienced says admin or site admins

IW is very easy to use, very intuitive and allows sys admins greater control over server or clusters.

IW can also be fully clustered for services such as email, hosting dns etc

If you contact IW directly, they would give you a trial code or you could use a free single domain licence. We could supply this or any other IW reseller

If you have a good read around the forums, you will pick up some good tips

Many thanks


I’ve been using InterWorx since version 1.2 back in 2004, it’s an amazing product and very flexible and powerful.

What specifically were you wondering about it?