Help - big trouble

hi, sorry for my bad english, ok

I come from c class ip hosting with 2 domains, ok, get instructions to go to sideworks, but nothing works, I created a master account, nodeworks then next account and than sideworks account, nothing happens, support c class try to help, nothings works, there is no ftp, what is the mistake ??? thanks for help, rammi


I`ve changed the index.html, nothing happens

the problem is, that my ftp/root do not go online - thanks a lot for big help, no answer, my domains are still down since 7 days, perfect

Hi Ramni,

I know you are looking for help with this but you should really contact your webhost for help - without SSH root access you probably can’t do much to correct these issues. If you have SSH root access you can open a support ticket with us and we will take a look.