Help link is broken in both nodeworx and siteworx

Title says it all. Clicking on the “Help” tab in either nodeworx or siteworx takes you to an “not found” page.

ends up at

which doesn’t exist. This is reproducible on the demos.

Obviously tool tips still work, but this was pointed out almost immediately when letting people test out our test-licensed install, and I’d like to fix it or hide the Help tab before I roll this out.

Well, I found the place in nodeworx to modify this, but can’t make it work easily.

NodeWorx => Server => Settings => SiteWorx Support Link

There is no tool tip for this, and the notes say it may be overridden in custom templates. Putting something simple like “” in there doesn’t work with:

? 404 - Sorry, we cannot find what you were looking for!
? Unknown Controller: ‘’

It seems like the default should be a working link, at the bare minimum.

I suspect if you enter a http:// in front of it, it will work the way you want. I’ll see about getting that default url 404 problem fixed as well asap.


Excellent - thanks once again Paul! That was indeed it - I just used “” since that’s the default ping host. Without the http:// is it looking for a local file? I don’t have access to the knowledge base yet, and the docs covering “server => settings” boil down to “make a change and save it.”

Looking deeper, this only affects some of the themes - for instance, blue steel and calliope point to rather than the local support.php file.