Help me Understand subdomains and DNS in Siteworx

In the past I played around with Cpanel, Plesk, and most of my experience has been with Ensim Pro. And now of course Interworx, which I do like.

I haven’t really messed with the SUBDOMAIN function in Siteworx, until just recently I wanted to add a subdomain for one of my sites so the web developer could build the site in the subdomain without adding a lot of files to the current (main) site.

When I add a subdomain in Ensim it also adds an “A” record to that domains ZONE, and the subdomain becomes viewable within minutes of creation.

Well when I added my first TRUE subdomain (I have one operating as a regular virtual site on Interworx) I noticed all that Siteworx did was add a CNAME record to the proper ZONE. And no “A” record. (And its been almost 24 hours and the subdomain is NOT coming up in the browser when typed in this case of, maybe it requires more time to propagate the Internet, or should it have a “A” record?

Here is my question, shouldn’t there be a “A” Record for the subdomain in the ZONE for this domain? Or is the CNAME good enough and I just need to be patience and let the subdomain propagate the Internet more?

Thanks for helping me understand this a little better.

Do you have your InterWorx server set up to be your nameserver for the domain in question? Or are you using another nameserver on another server?


[SIZE=2]I have the domain name using the name server info for the interworx server. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]But good question, made me think, I did go check another server to make SURE that wasnt the case. And it isnt.[/SIZE]

Could you give me the domain name, either posting it here, or private messaging me?


For anyone wondering, my problem turned out to be a NON interworx DNS issue