Help Setting Up Nameservers

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I’ve finally got single site licenses for my DNS servers from licensecart. I’ve deployed 2 interworx servers for DNS and 1 main server so now I’ve got…

On all three servers I set my ns1 and ns2 when it asked me for the name servers on initial setup. On ns1 and ns2 I disabled all services except for the name server. I created 2 glue records at my registrar for ns1 and ns2. Should ns1 and ns2 be resolving now that I set the glue records or should I create A records for ns1 and ns2 first? If so, do I need to create A records on mainserver and then sync them with ns1 and ns2 or should I create them on ns1 and ns2 individually? Also, I noticed that on mainserver, there’s no A record for the hostname of the server. I tried to add PTR records for ns1 and ns2 but my host won’t let me yet because they don’t yet resolve.

I’d like for my DNS cluster to be setup as it is when you use cPanel so that I have 2 external name servers (ns1 and ns2). Do I even have to run a name server on my main server? With cPanel, you don’t have to run a DNS server on the main server, only on ns1, ns2, etc.

I need to know how to proceed to produce the desired result. It would of course be nice if in the end I could go without having to run a DNS server on my main server but I at least want my ns1 and ns2 that all my sites use to be running on these two servers I’ve setup. What steps should I now take?


Hi petterjhon

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This has been covered many times before sorry

You need to create A records for nameservers ns1 ns2 mainnameswrver etc… once these records exist, your network provider can create the proper PTR for you

You can run your main IW-CP without running external nameservers but do not stop the DNS on the server. As with any hosting platform, it needs to know the DNS for each host as most will be on same IP address.

To be honest, you may as well leave nameservers running as it does not use much resource. That?s what we do

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks