Help Wanted: Developer for PHP, MySQL, MBAPI, Interworx API Project

Developer needed for project which will involve creating a sign-up process for a service offering.

A short summary of what the sign-up process will do:

  • provision a MySQL database for each sign-up,
  • writes some account login info and values into the database,
  • uses the hosting control panel API to create a subdomain website with pre-populated web applications, wrapped in a Joomla 1.5 CMS
  • does some coding changes to the pre-populated site files
  • adds data to a couple of tables in a couple of other MySQL databases
  • creates a modernbill 5 admin account with limited privileges
I'd prefer someone whose worked with the MBAPI as I believe this will be the most difficult part.

Project deliverables are very well-defined from a final usability perspective, but I am flexible and open to good suggestions.

Signing an NDA and ceding ownership of the code is a requirement of taking this project, but I will give you licence to use the code in projects for your other clients as long as they are not in direct competition with my product (more details available after signing an NDA, but I can say that companies primarily involved in web hosting are not considered competitors- my product is a service offering).

Please reply via the private message link if interested with a resume, currently hourly rates and at least 2 references from the past year with live sites that showcase your work. References must respond to telephone calls.

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