Help with a subsite

Hello guys, I recently created a subsite from my site through hosting I installed WordPress inside a subfolder and it’s perfect
But why the casting folder does not take from the strength of the main site In addition, there is a delay in the server response to why that is on the same hosting and the same domain

This is the link for the sub site

This is the main site. Can you give me a simple look, or can someone give me help in identifying the causes that come to the problem


“But why the casting folder does not take from the strength of the main site”. Can you speak some more to this? Perhaps phrase it differently? It sounds like you’re asking why the site loads slower than the main site? I’m not seeing any slow loading issues, so perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you are asking. Any additional information you can provide would be helpful.

Thank you,

I mean, the main site shows excellent results in searches And the subsite, although it is considered a page of the main site, is always late in results, and with all of you, the content on the subsite is very large and excellent with high quality

However, I feel that it does not achieve results like one of the pages on the main site
Is that because the sub-site is a sub-directory

In addition to the fact that the server response in the subsite delayed the main site, I do not know the reason for this even though they are on the same hosting

I am very sorry my brother for this amount of questions, but I seriously need to understand the matter more


Welcome to IW forums

Please understand, these forums are for Interworx and not website loading speeds, but there are good people on here who try to help

Are you a siteworx user or a Nodeworx Admin

Your listed site loads in 1.2 seconds when tested, but I think you are looking at loading once site loaded, so you need to look at your .js files shown in picture, as the 2 js files take over 1 second

Many thanks



I think you’re asking why search results for /blog rank lower than /. We are not SEO experts. But…

At a glance, the content on the two pages doesn’t seem especially related.

I’m also not seeing any relevant anchor links or relevant cross topics, other than a menu item. So it makes sense the content is largely standing on its own.

I suspect that if the items on /blog also appeared on / and linked to /blog you would see better ranking. Unless of course the existing / items have been around a while or there are other reasons they rank well.

Thank you brother very much, and I’m sorry for my posting But I ask where to find these files. Plus, when I delete it, does the site crash?

Yes, maybe you are right, brother, in some words. I really thought that I would not need to link the content in me. . But do you think you will not do this will improve the ranking


@IWorx-Joseph @mrAlikhalaf sorry I did not read it as SEO, but rereading is making more sense with SEO over site loading times, so I will leave for other more knowledgeable users

@mrAlikhalaf - the 2 files I highlighted are nothing to do with Interworx. These files are part of the website and therefore woudl be found within the website source files. I woudl not delete them but check what they are scripted to do and look to change them. To be honest, they do not change the load speed of the website.

Many thanks


That js is likely related to this plugin, Super Progressive Web Apps – WordPress plugin | In which case you likely can only get rid of it by disabling that plugin. Which is possibly critical to your site.

As to SEO, there is really not much more I can advise on.

If you decide to try and incorporate the blog content on the homepage and link back to /blog from / be sure to keep a backup of the existing.

Just in case there is an adverse effect on your existing keywords etc that are ranking well. It’s possibly going to be a bit of trial and error. Rather than redoing everything all at once I would make smaller changes and then monitor and allow time for things to improve or not. So you can easily go back to how it was.

Well, dear brother, I will try to make those adjustments that you told me about and then watch the situation and I will praise you So that I tell you about the experience, did it really succeed or fail so that no one else falls into this matter
I’m really grateful to you for caring for me

Thank you, brother, for helping you so much :heart: