help with uploading themes

Hi There

I have seen a couple of questions regarding difficulties when uploading themes. I have followed the instructions really carefully from the documentation, when I upload the zip file using theme manager in nodeworx I get an error returned:

>> theme addition failed

Can anyone give me a pointer?

Thanks for your help


Probably the most helpful thing would be for us to see your theme archive. Either PM me with the URL to download it, or open a ticket and attach the zip file.


Any Luck?

Hi Socheat

Just wondering if you had any luck with those files?



Sorry for the delay, Jon. Yes, I downloaded your theme, and it looks like you don’t have the right dir structure. The expected directory structure of the zip file is:
 \_ nodeworx
 \_ siteworx

The zipfile you provided is:
 \_ theme_name
      \_ nodeworx
      \_ siteworx

Rezip the archive with the nodeworx and siteworx directories as the topmost directories (not inside another directory), and that should fix the problem.