Hey, do you guys

have a logo that you prefer for web hosting companies to use in order to advertise you and your product?

If so, where might that be?

Good question bluesin, we’ll post some proofs this week to this thread when I get them reformatted.


Thanks Chris!

Chris, did you ever get to this?

No :(, have been buried for the last few weeks. I’ve attached an image to this post that will suffice until we get some “official” ones up.



I really like the one on the home page

I changed it to read control panel instead of cluster panel, not sure what font you used for the “Cluster Panel” wording, if you let me know I’ll do another one with the appropriate fonts.

Here are two, one based on the “Cluster Panel” one, and one based on the logo you provided Chris…



I took out the specs i figured out because now that I think about it, I dont think you want to do that.

I think you can go ahead an make modifications but they would have to be approved by Iworx before using them. Because the logo represents the company so I think you should hold off until you get an okay on that.





Yep, that’s why I posted them here…

For review and approval…

I believe the font is “Humanist” bluesin.


Hmmmmm, I don’t seem to have that font…

:rolleyes: thought i had it with Arial. Looks the same as arial to me, but maybe a little thinner. Bluesin did you do the character spacing?


Yep, they are spaced at 110%H, bold, sharp