Holding Page Chooser

Hi guys,

Me again (sorry!!).

Just had one of our guys raise an interesting idea with me, and I figured it would be worth passing on.

He was thinking it might be a neat idea to put a holding page chooser feature in, something where perhaps multiple pages can be uploaded, and chosen on an account by account basis, with defaults being selectable by plan, reseller, etc.

Allowing resellers to design their own (with control over inheritance from the ones made by the server owner) might be a really smart value-add.


Any thoughts on this one guys?

I know in terms of functionality is a rather trivial request, but it’s often the little details like this that clients like…


Hi hacman!

Just to be sure I understand, when you say holding page, do you mean something like a “parked” domain? I know there are lots of services out there for monetizing such pages, but I’m guessing you mean something that’s more of a standardized placeholder.

Hi Brett,

Yea - for parked domains that have yet to have anything done with them.

The idea would be that custom pages can be uploaded, and for example resellers can choose their own default page - allowing better white-labeling of the service.

Hope that makes sense.